Episode 48 – Family Estrangement

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Estrangement from members of one’s family and others take place far more often than seems commonly acknowledged. Estrangement involves psychologically cutting-off, repressing, and defending against connection with another who has come to be experienced as “all bad.” People may move away geographically, refuse to talk to a certain person, or simply give someone the “cold shoulder.” Joseph, Lisa, and Deb discuss the importance of setting appropriate boundaries with others and understanding that estrangement is also an internal phenomenon.

Here’s the dream we discuss:

“I see a middle-aged man fixing a fence.  The dogs that are in the yard with him are behaved – they are not trying to go through the big opening in the fence.  Then the man is inside a house fixing the trim on a wooden doorway. I “know” him — and I ask, “Will you treat me?” There is a deep feeling of acceptance and he says, “We will start tomorrow.” I go off to get ready for tomorrow.”

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