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86 thoughts on “Here’s The Podcast

  1. Thank you for this wonderful podcast!
    I stumbled on it after listening to Lisa’s talk with Meghan Murphy and it got me interested in learning more on Jung’s theories.
    I would love to listen to an episode on the critical aspects of Jung’s teachings and views (e.g. his early views on the Nazi regime, his work with horoscopes/astrology which is seen today as nonscientific, his probably inappropriate relationships with female clients) and how you deal with this in your work.
    Especially in consideration of the fact that his persona and his work are often seen as inseparable.
    Of course this would not be the typical kind of an episode but I would be thrilled to hear your viewpoints.
    (Sorry for my bad English – not a native speaker.)

  2. thank you for the brilliant episode on the pursuit of purity, as with the one on food addiction, I think it draws attention to our focus on the object, denying or avoiding the process – in this (most significant for us humans) case – cooking, the original act of alchemy, necessitating mess and mistakes, and where our greedy, pleasure seeking, creative aspect gets a functional job! making food for ourselves, for others or being cooked for is an act (or can be) of love, thats what we need, alongside the physical fuel, the psychological nutrition of someone’s attention, intention … i hope you will consider leading on from your talk in this episode to one on cooking …?

  3. I think it would be fascinating to hear your thoughts on ‘memory’ and ‘memories’ – their function, their role and importance, their meaning, how they operate…..This is important in my life because I have great anxieties over ‘not remembering’ and losing memories, particularly around everything that’s taken place in my therapy. Yet my therapist talks about the importance of ‘travelling lightly’ and about how memory can be a burden as well as a blessing. She talks about memories coming to the fore when they are needed or when the occasion arises, even if they can’t be recalled ‘to order’. I find it hard to accept and to be at peace with this approach – I panic to think of not remembering important people, events, or things…..I would love to hear your wisdom on the topic – so many of the things you have talked about have been so incredibly helpful to me….

  4. Hi guys! I’m a huge fan of your work – thank you!

    I’m trying to remember which episode Lisa re-told a myth about a goddess/sorceress who eats her parents and becomes part of the ocean… Perhaps it was an Inuit story? Or Icelandic? Not sure if I’m remembering it correctly! Is there any way you could direct me to the episode where this myth is discussed?

    Thank you so much once again for your work!

    • Hi Tamara,
      Lisa mentioned this in the episode on Food Addiction, referring to the myth of Sedna.
      Thanks for your enthusiasm 🙂
      ~ Joseph

      • Hey Tamara,
        Deb found a great resource for Sedna.

        “A Central Inuit story tells that once there were two giants. Nobody knows how they came into being or who they were. They just existed, living, as the Inuit do, by hunting. They had a child, a girl, who grew up rapidly and showed a terrifying inclination to seize on flesh and eat it whenever she could find it. She was abnormally hungry, even for a giant’s child. One night she started to eat the limbs of her parents as they slept. They awoke in horror, seized the frightening child and took her in an umiak (one of the large, skin-covered boats used for transport and whale hunting) far out into the deeper parts of the sea. There they started cutting off her fingers.
        As the fingers fell into the water they turned into whales, seals and shoals of fish. The giant parents became even more frightened by this so they threw the child into the sea and paddled themselves home as fast as possible…The demon girl living under the waters became Sedna, the great mother of all sea creatures. It was she who caused storms on the sea, and she who governed the migration of her myriads of children–the whales and walruses, the seals and fish of all kinds. The Inuit…believed that she was always there.”

        Burland, Cottie. Revised by Marion Wood. North American Indian Mythology, Peter Bedrick Books, New York 1965, p. 18.

    • Cheers for this Joseph! Is there a book that you guys are reading these myths from on the podcast or are you re-telling in your own words? Is there a source that you would recommend for mythic stories and fairy tales?

      All best and thanks again!

      • Since we do not rehearse the episodes we retell the myths from memory, which creates numerous reshapings of the traditional forms – LOL. In our training, we do not use any specific editions of the classics. I’d suggest this to start, The Eternal Drama: The Inner Meaning of Greek Mythology by Edward Edinger. Keep in touch! Joseph

  5. Dear Joseph, Debra and Lisa,

    Please do a podcast on rejection and how the rejection complex works in our life. I know that it is a Big deal in my life and I seem to operate from that level all the time. I want to know how it has me in its grip. This is affecting my marriage and I don’t want to throw away a beautiful marriage for what is essentially my problem. Please!!

  6. Love the podcasts, thank you all so much for creating these, I find them invaluable listening.

    I have a couple of topic suggestions for future podcasts: Owning and integrating the shadow; and understanding and relating to the Animus. Many thanks.

  7. Hello! A couple of quick suggestions for future topics! How about ‘Endings’? In the context of therapy, life, etc…it’s a massive focus area for me in therapy, and a fairly distressing one…
    And a rather more ‘theoretical’ one….I’m interested in how the work of Winnicott fits or doesn’t fit, with the work of Jung…I know you’ve referenced him not infrequently, and of course he was a massive figure in the field here in the UK. I get the feeling that there is more interest in and acceptance of the synergies between the two in the US, than there is on this side of the pond… 🙂

  8. Thank you for the wonderful work you do! Future topics that I’d love to hear about would be working with psychosis and the meaning of psychosomatic symptoms.

  9. I am grateful for your podcast. There is always something to relate to in each episode. I love the equilibrium, the pace, the tone and the rich content of the conversations.
    An image formed in my mind: a quadrant – the three Analysts and the Dreamer as together with the all-time-and engaged Listener are holding something I don’t have a name for. But it’s quintessentially Jungian and it feels right, real.
    Thank you so much.

  10. It was fascinating to hear you say in the dream interpretation of the Heartbreak episode, that the car was functioning as an extension of the ego. For ages I had dreams where either I was in the driving seat of a car but the car wasn’t fully in my control, or that I was a passenger and not at the wheel, or frequently that one of my children was at the wheel, including the one that’s too small to see over the steering wheel! But the last few months in therapy have been very significant, and I’ve found my dreams have changed. I haven’t had a car dream in ages – instead, when I travel I’m on a bicycle, with a child either on a separate bike, or sitting behind me. So the journey is much slower, and I’m more vulnerable and wobbly on the bike, but at least I’m on the driving seat!

  11. Your podcasts are all thought-provoking and conducive to inner peace. To the long list of subject requests, could you add enabling behaviour when an addiction is not involved?

    • Thanks for your support Maridale. Could you give an example of the kind of enabling you’re thinking of?

    • Perhaps there is an enabling spectrum that could range from living with an ADHD person, for example, to dealing with irresponsible spending. This is on my mind because a nephew of ours did not/was unable to stop his wife from blowing a substantial inheritance and they are facing eviction for nonpayment of their mortgage.

  12. I am so grateful to have discovered your podcast. There is so much attention, compassion, and honesty in each episode. I really enjoyed the ones I have heard so far specifically regret, motherhood and over apologizing.

    I would love to hear a podcast about guilt.I am trying to work with feelings of guilt. At times my guilt may be seemingly warranted and at other times not at all. I am realizing my feelings of guilt are habitual and at times a way to escape deeper work. I also wonder if we need to feel guilt at all? Can remorse and regret suffice?

    Thanks for considering.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts Sonia. We have a podcast on regret but guilt has a different tone. We’ll add your suggestion to our list!

  13. wonderful podcasts ! thank you so much. I cannot begin to tell you how soothing i find these at a difficult time. Could you do a podcast on trauma grief please?

  14. It s a great podcast! Congratulation! Really useful and beautifuly guided.
    I was thinking about subject of “Envy” – just a topic i would love to listen about, from your perspective.

    Thank you!

  15. great to see the topic of regret on here. I’ve been waiting for this one. I haven’t watched all of it yet but I just heard mention of the concept of the “puer.”

    I’m going to throw in a suggestion for an episode on the “puer aeternus.” Honestly, I believe I may be one.

  16. I started listening to your podcast with the show Mother in law. Since then I am hooked on to your podcasts and i have realised that your podcast is always insync with what i need most. I have named it as Grace, grace for my growth. Thank you for your work and the intergrity with which you do it.

  17. Hi
    I just wanted to add my ‘vote’ to the subject of Regret for a podcast – I realised recently just how powerful a force in my life, is the fear of regret, and how powerful a motivator , avoiding regret is and has been. I think it’s also one of the roots of another big and longstanding issue in my life , a fear of running out of time , or of wasting the time available. It would be amazing and fascinating (as well as incredibly helpful!) to hear a podcast on one or both of these issues 🙂

    • Hi Clara,
      Synchronistically, our upcoming podcast is on regret. It would be great to hear what you think about it.

      • It was indeed synchronistic! I listened to twice in the space of a days….I couldn’t reply immediately because I had to take some things to therapy first. It was a really thought provoking episode (again!). It stirred things up for me – which is no bad thing as it prompts me to take them to session. I had to disentangle the inner critic who wants to blame me and accuse me of ‘inflations’ , against real and justifiable regrets about choices that now leave me without some fairly basic human things (like love and respect )….I know the grass is always greener, and I don’t want to live in a fantasy of ‘what could have been’, but at the same time it was good to hear my therapist acknowledge that indeed my ‘patch’ is fairly bare, and I do deserve to be loved…so it was a great podcast which led onto some good discussions in session….it also helped to really bring home how ‘normal’ regret is, and not to be feared (I spend so much time fearing it) and gave me a greater determination to try and enjoy the ‘now’ rather than fearing regretting the ‘not now’…

  18. I enjoyed the interaction of the four of you on this weeks podcast, Shrink Rap Radio.

    I had read a lot of Marion Woodman’s books, as well as listened to tapes and viewed videos of hers. Somewhere in there, I remember her speaking of the soul as a little bird that had been neglected, saying, “I just wanted to sing my song.” That came up for me as I heard the dream being read. I wondered then if the dreamer had also heard it.

    Blessings for the coming year. Gratitude for all your work. Thank you.

  19. Awesome to see the episode on loneliness went up. I really enjoyed it – going to listen again to see what else I can extract from it.
    The experience of loneliness has unfortunately been one I have felt extraordinarily deeply and painfully – there are even certain physical symptoms: aches and pains, chest tightness, emptiness, etc. It was unending, chronic, almost unbearable at times. Lasted for about 3 years. Brought me into direct contact with some very scary thoughts and ideas. Some existential, some personal.

    Anyways, I have a few suggestions for some podcasts. Maybe they’ll be of interest to you:

    – Enantiodromia (the opposites)
    – Regret
    – Love
    – Existential meaninglessness and purposelessness.
    – Creativity
    – Suicide
    – Introversion and extroversion.

    • The insights about physical symptoms is so important Mike. Jung writes extensively about the “psychoid” layers of the psyche where our mind merges with our body. Thanks for the episode suggestions – we’ll add them to the list!

  20. Hi, and congratulations on this podcast. I discovered your several months ago and recently been listening to a number of the podcasts and have recommended it to my dream group. I really love the synergy of the dream interpretations and of course things also occur to me that weren’t mentioned..natural, of course. With the one, “charging” evoked the idea of being charged with an indictment or crime.

  21. once again, thank you so much for a deeply engaging listen. This last week, I particularly loved the dream interpretation. Alongside you, I found myself wanting to add another thought, that maybe brings both sides together, if a little prosaic maybe… As a working mum, I connected with the dreamer’s need to go back into her personal creative space. I thought that as she was enjoying that inspiring perspective, she suddenly worried that she might be leaving her children unguarded. The concern about being able to look in both directions and the pull of motherhood, the fear of not being there to protect her children, was overwhelming… the medicine of the dream being that her children are safe in the house, that she can see them, however high up she feels… I just really needed to chip my chip in!

  22. There is definitely something to be said for having no right choice in a given situation. It’s given me a new understanding of the “luxury” of morality.

    • When a situation is too intense or too dangerous, we often must be guided by instincts which are more ancient than our civilized sensibilities. Sometimes this saves us – sometimes it ruins us.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  23. Thank you for Episode 33. I have some thought fragments that came to mind as a parent of a teen daughter going through this.

    I’m thinking of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale and that urge to awaken the masculine part of oneself as a young woman and “save oneself” inwardly but that trans formation into the hero becomes literal instead of symbolic.

    Next I’m witnessing this “happen” to my daughter almost like Demeter knowing her beloved Persephone is being abducted and taken by Hades into the Underworld and trying to work the mental health system in a frantic effort to have her returned to me. Not fully knowing what is happening or how much agency she has in this process that I’m trying to slow down.

    For the collective I wonder if it means that we have taken androgyny to the most extreme form and we will find that it will still not produce an elusive equality or idealized state of satisfaction.

    Thank you for these podcasts. They are very meaningful to me.

  24. I have two suggestions for future episodes:
    1) regret 2) loneliness

    Keep it up. Love the podcast.

    • I love the idea of regret. What a rich topic! We will add it to our list. Loneliness is on our list. I was lobbying hard for it last time we recorded, but I lost out. But I promise it’s coming up. Thanks for the suggestions!


    • Thanks for the suggestion Mike – we just recorded the podcast on Regret this weekend.

  25. Good day to you all. Thankyou for your wonderful insightful podcasts. And sharing.

    I would like to ask you if you know where I can get a hold of a book to read the story and journey of Dionysis?


    • I’d suggest The Eternal Drama by Edinger, and Dionysus in Exile by Lopez-Pedraza. Let us know what you think of the books. ~ Joseph

  26. Listening again to Episode 8, choosing a life partner, I was struck by the logical nature of the discussion. It reminded me of a Star Trek reference to Spock’s parents’ marriage.

    I was surprised that there was no discussion of projection of anima and animus. As a survivor of two long-term relationships, both of which were very satisfying until they weren’t, it is now, after studying Jung and his students I understand the dynamics much better.

    How about an in-depth look at the evolution of relationships from that projection stage through to maturity if you can make it. Great work – keep it up.

    • What a great suggestion for a future episode! Thanks for your thoughtful comment and support.

      -Lisa, Deb, and Joe

  27. You’ve done two dreams from one person? Christ, do mine already. I’ve sent like five.

    • Hi George,
      The dream submission is anonymous so we cannot know who’s dream is chosen. We select dreams based on their possible use in an episode to exemplify a principle of dream analysis. Sorry for your frustration and thank you for caring about the podcast.
      Lisa, Deb & Joe

  28. Thank you for featuring another one of my dreams. My dream was analyzed in the episode “Indecision”. I am also the same person who had a previous dream analyzed in the episode “Shithole.” And yes, I went to go see the woman I have been talking to for 7 months and yes she was not exactly what I expected her to be. But I got to know her over a month in another country. And we have fallen deeply in love, coming to know each other’s faults. And saying its okay. I learned a new language over there, and the possibility of an entire new life is opening up to me. In regards to my Anima, I see her often in my dreams, at least once a week, and she is very helpful and guiding. And my desire to create my new life is my potential now. I want to write my book finally, I want to paint and draw, and pursue my martial arts, and pursue language acquisition as a career, but I have several options for me, if one avenue does not pan out I have another. Peace reigns in my life,even when tragedy struck recently in my family, I know it is just an opportunity to grow as are all tragedies. I don’t know what is ahead for me, but I feel like this is just the beginning, and its Great. Thank you.

    • What a testimony to the enlivening power of the Anima. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Anthony!

  29. How wonderful to have discovered these podcasts. Your discussions and dream analysis have helped me tremendously as I navigate a lot of change in my own internal life. So kind of you all. Thank you from Kate (Hull, England)

    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you for your support and welcome to the TJL family! Do let us know if you have a topic you’d like us to include in a future episode.
      Lisa, Deb & Joe

  30. Love from Mysore, India. I simply had to reach out. What a great podcast! Thanks!

    • How wonderful to hear from you Mythri! It’s such a miracle that we can connect across the world. Thank you for your support.

    • Hello Julie! Thank you for reaching out. It is so moving to all of us to know the podcast is reaching people globally. Please let us know if there are any topics your community might find interesting to include in a future podcast.
      Lisa, Deb, and Joe

  31. Thanks for posting these on youtube, makes it much easier to listen to one after another, and for others to find them as well (youtube being a massive platform open to all) now and into the future.

    On this point, would you consider making a playlist listing on youtube at some point, with the *first* (earliest) podcast being listed first in the playlist? Without this one is left listening to them “backwards”, which probably means people are missing out on relevant ideas or discussions to present podcasts.

    You might also put your patreon info on youtube, I can’t seem to find it anywhere on your page or videos.

    • Hi Leroy,
      Thank you for your very helpful suggestions. We’ll look into creating a Youtube playlist. We’re finishing up our Patreon page this week so that should be up and running soon.
      We appreciate your enthusiasm and support very much.
      Lisa, Deb, Joe

  32. This podcast is brilliant, and I’m so grateful to have this dynamic way to explore Jungian Analysis.

    • Thank you Portia! We’re excited to meet you here and very much appreciate your enthusiasm.

  33. The synchronicity podcast really clarified for me a concept I had never fully understood despite all my Jungian readings. — but it was your three wonderful (and entertaining) examples in a modern day context that really and truly delivered that message. I could have listened to you for hours. So, Thank You.

    • Thank you Ronny! We very much appreciate your support and enthusiasm. We hope you’ll join us each week and we’ll imagine you there with us.

  34. Thank you so much Joe, Lisa and Deb! What a great podcast, so rich and valuable for all! Your treasurable unpacking of this powerful dream was a joy to listen to. Over the next few days I’ll be listening to more Jungian Life podcasts for sure. Blessings, Deborah aka @liberatedsheep

    • Thank you for your kind comment Deborah. Support like yours keeps the spirit of the work alive.

  35. Thank you for analyzing my dream in the episode “shithole”. I had that dream last october after recovering from a episode of Mania. Since I had my dream, my life has changed dramatically. I have met and fallen in love with an amazing woman. The stick to me represented 4 passions of mine which I have never taken up, art (paintbrush), music (flute), writing (pen), Martial Arts (fighting stick). Though I have not pursued all four the foundation for pursuing all for in time involved me letting go of the old. I have since sold old video games and never watch T.V., let go of unhealthy friends and family. and started art therapy.I follow myself now. And that has made all the difference. Thank you for analyze my dream. I feel this is just one of many dreams I have had recently that are showing me that something new is coming. It is coming indeed.

    • You are most welcome Anthony. Your story is a testament to the healing power of the dream. Wishing you much success as you craft a beautiful life.

  36. Looks fascinating.
    I am an artist and on social security…. if there is a charge I will have to pass.

    • Hi Maria,
      If you’re referring to the podcast dream analysis, we only ask for permission to discuss it during our recording and reprint it in the show notes. Once a dream is submitted through the website, we review it and choose ones we sense will help the listeners by exemplifying a Jungian concept.

      Thanks for your comment and keep living a Jungian Life!

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