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27 thoughts on “Here’s The Podcast

  1. You’ve done two dreams from one person? Christ, do mine already. I’ve sent like five.

    • Hi George,
      The dream submission is anonymous so we cannot know who’s dream is chosen. We select dreams based on their possible use in an episode to exemplify a principle of dream analysis. Sorry for your frustration and thank you for caring about the podcast.
      Lisa, Deb & Joe

  2. Thank you for featuring another one of my dreams. My dream was analyzed in the episode “Indecision”. I am also the same person who had a previous dream analyzed in the episode “Shithole.” And yes, I went to go see the woman I have been talking to for 7 months and yes she was not exactly what I expected her to be. But I got to know her over a month in another country. And we have fallen deeply in love, coming to know each other’s faults. And saying its okay. I learned a new language over there, and the possibility of an entire new life is opening up to me. In regards to my Anima, I see her often in my dreams, at least once a week, and she is very helpful and guiding. And my desire to create my new life is my potential now. I want to write my book finally, I want to paint and draw, and pursue my martial arts, and pursue language acquisition as a career, but I have several options for me, if one avenue does not pan out I have another. Peace reigns in my life,even when tragedy struck recently in my family, I know it is just an opportunity to grow as are all tragedies. I don’t know what is ahead for me, but I feel like this is just the beginning, and its Great. Thank you.

    • What a testimony to the enlivening power of the Anima. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Anthony!

  3. How wonderful to have discovered these podcasts. Your discussions and dream analysis have helped me tremendously as I navigate a lot of change in my own internal life. So kind of you all. Thank you from Kate (Hull, England)

    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you for your support and welcome to the TJL family! Do let us know if you have a topic you’d like us to include in a future episode.
      Lisa, Deb & Joe

  4. Love from Mysore, India. I simply had to reach out. What a great podcast! Thanks!

    • How wonderful to hear from you Mythri! It’s such a miracle that we can connect across the world. Thank you for your support.

    • Hello Julie! Thank you for reaching out. It is so moving to all of us to know the podcast is reaching people globally. Please let us know if there are any topics your community might find interesting to include in a future podcast.
      Lisa, Deb, and Joe

  5. Thanks for posting these on youtube, makes it much easier to listen to one after another, and for others to find them as well (youtube being a massive platform open to all) now and into the future.

    On this point, would you consider making a playlist listing on youtube at some point, with the *first* (earliest) podcast being listed first in the playlist? Without this one is left listening to them “backwards”, which probably means people are missing out on relevant ideas or discussions to present podcasts.

    You might also put your patreon info on youtube, I can’t seem to find it anywhere on your page or videos.

    • Hi Leroy,
      Thank you for your very helpful suggestions. We’ll look into creating a Youtube playlist. We’re finishing up our Patreon page this week so that should be up and running soon.
      We appreciate your enthusiasm and support very much.
      Lisa, Deb, Joe

  6. This podcast is brilliant, and I’m so grateful to have this dynamic way to explore Jungian Analysis.

    • Thank you Portia! We’re excited to meet you here and very much appreciate your enthusiasm.

  7. The synchronicity podcast really clarified for me a concept I had never fully understood despite all my Jungian readings. — but it was your three wonderful (and entertaining) examples in a modern day context that really and truly delivered that message. I could have listened to you for hours. So, Thank You.

    • Thank you Ronny! We very much appreciate your support and enthusiasm. We hope you’ll join us each week and we’ll imagine you there with us.

  8. Thank you so much Joe, Lisa and Deb! What a great podcast, so rich and valuable for all! Your treasurable unpacking of this powerful dream was a joy to listen to. Over the next few days I’ll be listening to more Jungian Life podcasts for sure. Blessings, Deborah aka @liberatedsheep

    • Thank you for your kind comment Deborah. Support like yours keeps the spirit of the work alive.

  9. Thank you for analyzing my dream in the episode “shithole”. I had that dream last october after recovering from a episode of Mania. Since I had my dream, my life has changed dramatically. I have met and fallen in love with an amazing woman. The stick to me represented 4 passions of mine which I have never taken up, art (paintbrush), music (flute), writing (pen), Martial Arts (fighting stick). Though I have not pursued all four the foundation for pursuing all for in time involved me letting go of the old. I have since sold old video games and never watch T.V., let go of unhealthy friends and family. and started art therapy.I follow myself now. And that has made all the difference. Thank you for analyze my dream. I feel this is just one of many dreams I have had recently that are showing me that something new is coming. It is coming indeed.

    • You are most welcome Anthony. Your story is a testament to the healing power of the dream. Wishing you much success as you craft a beautiful life.

  10. Looks fascinating.
    I am an artist and on social security…. if there is a charge I will have to pass.

    • Hi Maria,
      If you’re referring to the podcast dream analysis, we only ask for permission to discuss it during our recording and reprint it in the show notes. Once a dream is submitted through the website, we review it and choose ones we sense will help the listeners by exemplifying a Jungian concept.

      Thanks for your comment and keep living a Jungian Life!

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